Schwerin and Lubeck


First week completed, and then some. After settling into our apartment (did you know that top-sheets are an uncommon thing on German beds!? We had to buy our own from Ikea!) we spent our first full weekend in the cities of Schwerin and Lubeck.

We visited Schwerin first, where we toured the magnificent  palace located there. I got to see a real throne room for the first time, complete with throne and tilted floor (the better to reinforce the position of the monarch in the minds of his supplicants). We spent the night in a hotel on the outskirts of the city, and drove to Lubeck next.

Apparently, Lubeck is where marzipan was perfected, so we sampled a lot of it to make sure this was the case. The old city, complete with medieval gate and close, organic-looking streets was charming and beautiful. Interestingly, Lubeck is very much a living, evolving city. Intertwined with ancient churches and historical buildings are modern stores and apartments. Cars zip down its cobbled streets, creating a dichotomy that was, at times, a little jarring.


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